No Opportunity Wasted

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time in Tennessee so far, it’s that opportunities should not be wasted. Nashville is a city full of opportunities, from meeting celebrities to enjoying nature.

This past week, Kristen and I embraced every opportunity that came our way. It was my favorite week of the summer so far!

Here’s some of the exciting things we did (with pictures)!


On Monday of last week, I saw a tweet from Sadie Robertson about a book signing at the local LifeWay bookstore. I love Duck Dynasty and loved watching Sadie on Dancing with the Stars–it wasn’t even a question of whether we should go! So on Wednesday, I had my first “celebrity encounter” of the summer. Sadie was so sweet and I was so awkward (what else is new)! Overall, it was a fun experience!


Later Wednesday evening, Kristen and I went on a hike at Radnor Lake before our weekly Bible study. Radnor Lake is absolutely beautiful! It is a state natural area, so we saw lots of wildlife during our trip around the lake, including deer, turtles, and wild turkeys.


IMG_3573                                        IMG_3584

On Thursday, Kristen and I, along with two of our intern friends, ventured into Nashville for the evening to watch a movie in the park. The screen was set up at one end of Elmington Park and food trucks were circled around the other end. There were so many good food options, and I ended up going with the popular grilled cheese truck. BEST. GRILLED CHEESE. EVER. Buttermilk cheddar, carmelized onions, and bacon…my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Right before the movie started, we braved the long line to get sno cones at the Retro Sno truck, and once again I was not disappointed. The only bad thing about the night was that the movie was Finding Nemo. My very serious (and very irrational) fear of sharks did not appreciate that.


Our next big adventure came on Sunday. I went to the CMA Fest. My anti-country-music self went to a festival all about country music. We went to see Crowder, which I loved, but then Kristen made me listen to some other random country singer, which I didn’t love. Still, it was a fun, hot, and exciting morning. Crowder was awesome and now I can officially say I’ve been to the CMA Fest.


After we left the CMA Fest, we made a quick stop in the 12 South neighborhood to take a picture with the famous “I Believe in Nashville” mural.


Finally, after a much-needed bite to eat at Chipotle, we ran across a poster about a Shawn Johnson meet-and-greet nearby. Again, we did not waste the opportunity and joined a crowd of young gymnasts to listen to Shawn speak about her new book. And of course we didn’t pass up the photo op afterward!


What a week! I had so much fun embracing every adventure that came my way. What adventures are you embracing this summer? When opportunities come your way, don’t waste them!


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